Top Tale - Tell Epic Tales To Win the Top Tale

Created by Peter A Seiler

Top Tale is a card game that turns the process of getting to know your fellow humans into a fun experience through telling tales!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Games Under Way! BackerKit Closing Soon!
1 day ago – Sun, Aug 01, 2021 at 09:36:38 AM

It's Confirmed, Top Tale has Set Sail!

It took about a month to get a cargo vessel lined up and other logistics in place, but the 2,000 copies of Top Tale: The O.G. Volume 1 are under way on the Matson Niihau container ship. The ship is headed for the Long Beach, California (estimated arrival August 10th), and will then be shipped to Denver, CO (estimated arrival August 17th) by semi truck, where I'll pick them up with my truck and trailer. After they clear customs, they will then be brought home to the Wild Horse Ranch in Wellington, CO.  Since customs clearance won't happen until arriving in Denver, I'm hoping that will avoid some of the delays that are happening in the major coastal ports. I've also completed all of the necessary paperwork well in advance to make the process as smooth as possible. 

Not the actual Matson Niihau.

You can track the progress of the Matson Niihau here:

If all goes well, I'll get the games in time for my birthday (August 23rd)! I plan to take the day off as soon as they can be picked up in Denver, so I can get them home and start shipping them out to all you lovely humans! With any luck, backers will start receiving games by the end of August!

Top Tale Mobile App 2.0

It's been a struggle to get the iOS version of the Top Tale Mobile App version 2.0 ready to publish. That said, it's ready to publish minus having new screenshots to show off the UI improvements and new features in the Apple Store. I'm still struggling to get the iPhone emulators to work with the latest version, which is holding up progress. Either way, the iOS version should be released soon, and the Android version is already released on Google Play. This is important to keep in mind, as when you receive your copies of Top Tale, you'll receive unlock codes that allow you to unlock content in the app. You'll need to create a user account first so the content is always available to you, even if you switch devices or want to play on multiple devices. 

Example Unlock Code in Instructions Booklet

BackerKit Surveys Getting Locked In One Week!!!

I keep pushing out the BackerKit pledge manager survey lock down due to not having a critical need to finalize addresses and collect additional funds from add-on's and such. Often times publishers will lock surveys before manufacturing to collect the necessary funds to pay for manufacturing and logistics. I was able to cover this (mostly) with the Kickstarter funds collected. That said, I will now commit to some dates that you should be aware of:

  • Surveys Lock Down (in case you've moved recently, please update your address): August 8th 
  • Credit Cards Charged: August 11th

If you wanted to order more copies of Top Tale at a reduced rate ($14 each for Backers Only), or get your Christmas present shopping done, now is the time! After the BackerKit survey is closed, the next opportunity to buy will be when Top Tale: The O.G. Volume 1 is through retail stores. I can use all the help I can get to spread the word about Top Tale, and word of mouth and giving the game as gifts is one of the best ways you can help!

In case you need to access your BackerKit order, here's the survey Link: 

In case you have a friend that wants to order a copy, here's a link to the pre-order store:

One last thing... THANK YOU!!!


Top Tale Mobile App 2.0, Final Assembly, and BackerKit Lock Down!
about 1 month ago – Mon, Jun 28, 2021 at 06:55:47 AM

Top Tale Mobile App 2.0 Releasing! 

The Top Tale Mobile App 2.0 release has been about six months in the making. The current 1.6 release brought user interface improvements and new game modes. The 2.0 now includes tutorials, user accounts, and unlock codes! Now with the 2.0 app, when you get your physical copy of Top Tale, you can enter the code provided in the game's instructions booklet and you'll unlock the physical cards you purchased in the app! 

Screenshots of the 2.0 mobile app.

In case you are reading this on a Android or iOS device, just click the appropriate link to download:

I was hoping the 2.0 version would be released on both Google Play and Apple Store by now, but they are still in review, or in progress. Either way, they should both be live by the end of this week!

Final Assembly is in Progress!

The final stage of production is final assembly, followed by preparation for freight shipment. At this point the manufacturer is about halfway through assembling the 2,000 copies of Top Tale: The O.G. Volume 1! About another week or so and all of the units should be ready for freight pickup. The only issue is, I don't have a confirmed date of pickup from the freight forwarding company (you might have heard about the global logistics nightmare we're in...). Once I do get an estimated pick up date, I should have a fairly good idea of when I should be receiving the two pallets of games in Denver, CO. Expect more on that in the July update!

In case you missed it on the social media posts, the first production copy arrived a couple of weeks ago for my final approval, and I'm thrilled with how it turned out! Here's some pictures to give you an idea of what your copy of Top Tale will look like. 

Showing off the UV spot coat.... so shiny!
It's a tight fit in the box with all those cards, but there is just enough room to mix in the 10-card promo packs I'm throwing in for free!

BackerKit Surveys Locking Down

For any of you who perhaps added a copy through the BackerKit survey and are wondering why you haven't been charged yet, it's because I haven't locked down the surveys yet. Since the date when I'll be shipping out units has been a moving target, I didn't want to lock down orders then have months go by until I shipped units, potentially having folks move in the middle and then having to worry about your game showing up. Anyhow, I will need to lock orders before too long to collect funds through BackerKit and to have your addresses for shipping. 

My current survey lock down target is July 25th, since I'm now expecting to be able to fulfill orders in August or September at the latest. I'll be sure to send one more reminder, but before I lock surveys, it's critical that you have the correct shipping information, and if you purchased anything additional in the BackerKit survey, then you'll need to ensure your payment information is up to date. 

So you don't have to look for the e-mail from BackerKit, you can retrieve your survey through the following link:

In case you know someone that would absolutely love a copy of Top Tale and would like remind folks that anyone can still pre-order their copy of Top Tale. I will leave the pre-order store open until surveys lock down. Here's the link to that:

Please help spread the word if you don't mind. My bills for bringing Top Tale to life have been adding up, and ever pre-order sale helps! :) 

Take Care!



In cased you missed it, I had the pleasure to be on Dustin Staat's Board Gaming With Education VideoCast. I had a great time talking about how Top Tale can be used with game-based learning: 

Short Updates to Wet Your Appetite
3 months ago – Sat, May 15, 2021 at 01:34:35 PM

Production is Rolling Along

I didn't want to go through another long dry spell of no updates without giving you at least some sort of an update. I'm pleased to report that production is moving right along, and we're on track for me to receive the first production copy the week of June 5th! That means in just 3-4 weeks I'll be able to share pictures of the first production copy for you all to enjoy! If all is in order, then I'll give the go ahead to finish assembly on the rest of the 2,000 copies of Top Tale: The O.G. Volume 1! 

Just as a reminder, here's where we're at with the production and fulfillment schedule:

  •  Materials Printed and first Mass Production Copy sent for review: ~June 5-9th
  •  Final Assembly Complete of all 2,000 units: ~Late June
  •  Games received in Colorado: ~Mid August (hopefully in time for my birthday!)
  •  Games received by you wonderful humans: ~Late August or Early September

Mobile App Updates

The progress on the Top Tale mobile app development is moving right along. The latest developments have been around refining some of the new game modes, addressing new bugs, and adding a tutorial function so you can quickly learn how to play and get started. Each game mode has slight variations, so the app developer and I created a scheme to show you the specific tutorial flow, based on the game setup options. 

Here's a glimpse at what some of the tutorial cards look like:

One example tutorial flow is shown above, where you swipe through the cards to learn how to play and use the app.

The tutorial function should be included in the next update (v1.7.0?), which I plan to release in the coming weeks. After that, we'll add user accounts, unlock functions to add content, and much more!

 Another Project that's Caught My Attention

I don't have much more to report on Top Tale, but I do want to draw your attention to another game currently on Kickstarter that's peeked my interest! The game is called, "What the What?!", by Stacy Katz of Well Why Not Media. The game is all about weird inventions from the days of old, where you're supposed to pitch the invention to an investor to get them to invest in your invention. 

As a inventor and reinventor myself, with over 40 patents pending or granted, I really love the theme of this game, and being that it's a party game, I figured I'd mention it to all you fine humans to take a look. I'm in no way affiliated with the game's creator or the team putting on the Kickstarter, I just think it's a cool project!

One other tidbit in the works, is that I interviewed with Board Gaming With Education's Dustin Staats, and just found out that the episode will air on June 7th! I hope this update finds you well!



Production Started, App Updates, and A Gift for All!
4 months ago – Fri, Apr 09, 2021 at 09:02:42 PM


First off, I sincerely apologize that it took so long to get production started! As a first-time publisher, there were certainly many things that I got wrong, or could have done better, but I have learned a ton!

Below is a glimpse of one of the eleven files (the magnetic flap box) that make up the game design and materials:

Final digital proof of magnetic flap box design

One consequence of the delays is that lead times have increased since I first quoted the production run, and now we are looking at the following timeline (all dates that haven't happened yet are approximate):

  • Production Release: April 2, 2021
  • Materials Printed and first Mass Production Copy sent for review: ~early June 
  • Final Assembly Complete of all 2,000 units: ~Late June
  • Games received in Colorado: ~Mid August (hopefully in time for my birthday!)
  • Games received by you wonderful humans: ~Late August or Early September

This is obviously not ideal when compared to my target delivery of May 2021 (a 3-4 month delay), but I hope to make up for it in a number of ways:

  • The quality of this product is top notch! (I am very proud of the final design, and hope you will be too.)
  • Feature complete Mobile App will be ready by June (see more later)
  • A gift with each copy of Top Tale sent to backers (keep reading...)

If this all is not enough, I have stated up front that I will offer a money-back guarantee. So if at any point you feel like you're not getting the product I promised and that you paid for, I will refund the amount you've paid thus far. If you receive the product and want a refund, I would simply ask you send it back for a full refund of what you paid for the product. 

Top Tale Mobile App v1.6.0

The second major release of the Top Tale Mobile App, version 1.6.0, has been published for both Google Play and the Apple App Store! The app developer I have working on the project has completed the first of four milestones in the evolution of the Top Tale mobile app (at least the initial evolution). 

This release includes the following updates:

  • Several user interface updates, including new backgrounds, new buttons, new card images, and much more.
  • Bug fixes, including scaling issues for certain screen sizes and some nasty bugs that made playing the game on certain devices impossible (some new device specific issues have already been identified and will be addressed in the next release).
  • New Game Modes, including playing for a certain number of cards, for a certain duration, or with player time limits to speed up the game. 

The next release will have a tutorial function that helps new users quickly learn how to play the game and use the app. After that, we'll have user accounts, unlock functions to add content, and much more! All of this we plan to roll out by June! In the meantime, please report any and all bugs to me via e-mail:,and I hope you enjoy using the app to play Top Tale anywhere!

Screenshots showing the new game setup menu and some of the new user interface

In case you are reading this on a Android or iOS device, just click the appropriate link to download:


Now, about that free gift... I have ordered a bunch of promotional packs of ten Top Tale topic cards, which are cards not found in any released volume of Top Tale. For each copy of Top Tale that you've ordered, you will receive this pack of cards to add to the game! I will also include an unlock code to unlock these exclusive cards in the Top Tale Mobile App. 

These promo packs are what I plan to hand out to give people away at conventions and such for people to try the game before they buy (with ten cards you can absolutely play enough to know whether you'll like the full volumes). There are a limited quantity that I've had printed, so who knows, they may one day be a collector's item (in addition to your first print edition games that is).

That's all for now. I hope to update you all again as production progresses, and then all the milestones that follow!


Peter Seiler


As a reminder, not all have finalized their BackerKit survey. I'm leaving it open a bit longer in case anyone needs to change their address, payment information, or even if you want to add copies!

Here's the link in case you lost it:

Unfortunate delays, but lots to look forward to!
5 months ago – Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 11:18:38 AM

Thank you for your patience!

I was hoping to send an update towards the end of February stating that we've entered production, but alas there have been unanticipated delays. I believe we are still going to start production in March, but that means I likely won't receive the units until June-ish, to then ship out to all you lovely humans. Unfortunately, this means I will miss the delivery target of May 2021. 

Who knows, things could go really well with manufacturing and freight shipping, and I may only miss the target by a couple of weeks, but realistically it will likely be late June, or at worst, July. When we actually get into production I should have a better idea of the final schedule. On the bright side, shipping lanes are starting to recover from the crazy congestion over the last six months. 

App Development

The mobile app development is progressing on schedule, with the first milestone release close at hand. In this next release, new gameplay functionality becomes available to play to a certain point goal (e.g. first person to 5 cards/points), or for a certain duration (e.g. 30 minutes), and there is now a timer function if you want to speed things up by limiting time for responses. Also, several bug fixes will be implemented from the initial release, thanks to may that have tested out the app and reported issues. 

In the next update (hopefully soon!), I expect to share that production has started, and that the mobile app has been updated.